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Hi, my name is Blair Ivey and this is my personal website, The House of Blair. Here you will find all things Blair, from links to my other websites to links to websites of interest to my personal interests and a metric ton of original work.

I have tried to make this site interesting and not just another autobigraphical cut-and-paste. Goodness knows there are more than enough of those. This is my face to those who have not yet met me. My intent is to make this an interesting and stimulating place to spend time.  The content of this site reflects my interests and values and nothing here is included because other people think it is 'cool' or or it is the fad du jour. This is me.

So welcome to my house. Please leave your shoes at the door, make yourself at home and have a look around. If you see something you like, contact me and we'll talk.


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Attack of the blog. Every site has to have one, right?




Books I am currently reading: Leviathan Thomas Hobbes, Competition Demystified Bruce Greenwald and Judd Kahn, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal Ayn Rand.



I have an unfortune weakness when it comes to computer (PC) games. Here is where I talk about my favorites as well as fun and useful links. If you are expecting insight into any game made after about 2005 or anything on a console you are going to be disappointed.


The Geography or the "Where are we now" section. I have lived in a number of places and visited quite a few more. Here is where I talk about them along with photographs and useful links.



History is our collective memory. By turns inspiring and depressing, it is nevertheless the record of the human experience. To see what happened today in history, click on the icon.



One of the defining characteristics of the 20th century was the rise of mass media. I am most definitely a child of that culture. Here I have collected movies and TV shows that I have enjoyed along with magazines that I read regularly and websites that I visit frequently.


Photography is something that I enjoy doing. My main empahsis is on composition and my favorite subjects are landscapes. This section contains a sampling of my work including the Top 21.



OK Sports fans, this is where I have the teams in which I have an interest and sports-related items. For the record, I follow the following teams:

MLB - Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants

NFL - Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49'rs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NBA - Portland Trailblazers

USL - Portland Timbers

UCI - Garmin-Chipotle, Columbia HTC, or any team where Johann Bruyneel is directeur sportif


Like a lot of guys, I like things that are big and complicated and loud. For me, trains and airplanes fit the bill. The Transportation section is where you will find anything that covers ground, the faster the better.





















































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